Luxury Garden Suites for Rent in Victoria, BC

Why Rent a DreamCUBE?

Bask in well-deserved peace and serenity... no sharing the walls, floors, or ceiling with other tenants! DreamCUBE is like staying in your own home!

DreamCUBEs are modern and luxurious with practical layouts packed with green technology!

Your own private patio! Included with each DreamCUBE!

Homeowner/Investor Benefits

Pay Dirt: Making Your Backyard Pay You!

We build and manage legal garden suites. Turn your underused backyard into an active investment! Our returns provide a CAP rate of close to 6%! This is equivalent to receiving dividends on $100,000.00 investment in the stock market! All we require is a water-service hookup, otherwise, our DreamCUBEs are self-sustaining! Our DreamCUBE team directly manages tenants for you, taking any headaches or hassles out of the equation!

Buy A Bigger Home For Yourself!

Homeowners now have the flexibility of upgrading and buying a bigger house by immediately increasing their revenue stream with the help of a DreamCUBE! No need to go through the hassle, headache, or capital outlay of adding a revenue suite in your home. BONUS: you get to maintain your privacy without the need to share your home!

Take DreamCUBE With You When You Move!

When you fall in love with a DreamCUBE, it's hard to say goodbye. If you ever move, take it with you; or leave it and let us to provide you with a new one!  DreamCUBEs are built off-site and easily hoisted into place in your backyard with next to no disruption to the main house and other parts of the yard. 

Want To Buy Your Own DreamCUBE?

DreamCUBEs: Soon Available For Sale!

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