About US

 DreamCUBE.ca is a real-estate management and development company started by Matt Dagenais, Greg Berg, and Scott Monette in Victoria, BC. Enthralled by a cleaner and easier way to live in our dense city, we set out to find solutions to affordable housing. Heralding from the tiny-home movement, DreamCUBE uses recycled shipping containers and under-used backyards to create a new revenue stream for homeowners while providing a cool and hip place for those looking for a quiet place to rent. Living in a DreamCUBE is like living in your own home: giving you your own private patio area, a path to the road, and no interaction with the homeowner! DreamCUBEs are fitted with the latest green technology and use practical layouts helping you enjoy your new home! The DreamCUBE team deals directly with the tenants and the homeowners, allowing both tenants and homeowners to enjoy their privacy! If you are looking for a place to stay or a new revenue stream from your property, you’ve come to the right place “where dreams come CUBE!”