Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to set a DreamCUBE up in my backyard?

Once the paperwork is complete and the green light is received from the municipality, it only takes anywhere between 2-3 days to install your DreamCUBE!

2. Who manages the tenants, and do I get a say who stays in my DreamCUBE?

Typically, our team endeavours to take care of all tenancy issues including advertising, interviewing, and managing issues during a tenancy in a DreamCUBE. If you wish, you can choose a tenant from our shortlist of potential tenants. If you personally know someone that wants to stay in the DreamCUBE, we can also accommodate these scenarios. We want the experience to be enjoyable for the homeowners regardless of there desired level of involvement.

3. How much money can I make with a DreamCUBE in my backyard?

Most DreamCUBE investors (aka homeowners) make $6,000.00 per year. This is the equivalent of having $100,000.00 invested on the stock market with an annual return of 6%! Homeowners that decide to purchase their DreamCUBE outright can make significantly more than this typical amount, potentially up to 12% rate of return annually!

4. Will my utility bills increase with a DreamCUBE?

The only utility that DreamCUBEs share with your main property is the water line. Since DreamCUBEs are small with typically only one person staying in it, the water consumption is minimal. We estimate the monthly cost for water from the unit alone to be less than $10. 

5. What if I don’t want a DreamCUBE in my backyard any longer?

The beauty of a DreamCUBE is that it is a movable permanent structure. This means it is permanently fixed to the ground with a special minimally invasive foundation for building code approval, but can easily be removed with minimal effort due to their unique design. 

6. Are DreamCUBEs legal?

DreamCUBEs are classified as garden suites, which are currently legal in Victoria, and other island municipalities. 

7. Can I put more than one DreamCUBE on my property?

Typically only one DreamCUBE can be placed on a residential property?

8. How will the tenant get internet?

The tenant sources their own telephone and internet services separate from the main house, in the same way that secondary suites have separate telecommunication services.

9. Can I buy a DreamCUBE?

Yes, DreamCUBEs are available for sale, please see the “BUY” page on our website for more information.

10. Can I rent out a DreamCUBE as a vacation rental?

Yes, this is a permissible usage for a DreamCUBE as long as there are no restrictions in your municipality for such uses. There is a separate agreement with our team if this will be the intended use for your DreamCUBE. The rate of return is significantly higher for using DreamCUBEs as vacation rentals.

11. Who cleans the DreamCUBE between tenants?

Our team takes care of all the clean up between tenants. We endeavour to avoid disturbing the main house and hope we can have our tenants stay and move with the homeowner barely noticing.

12. Who manages the yard around the DreamCUBE?

Our team designs a beautiful xeriscape around the DreamCUBE, which requires minimal maintenance by the tenant or homeowner. Our DreamCUBEs use grey water filter and recycling systems, which help keep the area around the DreamCUBE beautiful and green all year long!

13. Do you have payment plans so I can purchase a DreamCUBE?

We hope to soon be offering financing options for DreamCUBEs, please contact us if you are interested in this option and we can keep you posted.

14. Will I have to interact with the tenant or homeowner?

No, our business model is based upon selling a hassle-free experience for homeowner/investors, while at the same time offering tenants the benefits of their own quiet place to stay.

15. Are DreamCUBEs inspected by building inspectors?

Yes, DreamCUBEs meet all the building requirements as set out by the city where they are located.

16. Are DreamCUBEs built on-site?

No, DreamCUBEs are built off-site and easily hoisted into place in your backyard with next to no disruption to the main house and other parts of the yard.